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NATS Publications
Celebrating 25 Designs


Magazine Binders


"The Torquay Collector-past issues               $0.50/copy  

Other Publications

Dartmouth and the South Devon Potteries


The Art of the Torquay and South Devon Potters


Devonmoor Art Pottery


Dartmouth Pottery "A Collector's Guide"


Let's Collect Devon Pottery No. 1


Let's Collect Devon Pottery No. 2


Let's Collect Devon Pottery No. 3



Let's Collect Devon Pottery No. 4


Torquay Commemoratives and Advertising Wares


Torquay Mottowares


Torquay Pottery Marks Book - 5th edition


1998 Allervale Exhibition Catalog                         $15.00


Torquay Pottery A Local Story


The Artisans of the Torquay Potteries



Charles Collard - West Country Potter


Torquay Pottery Faience Wares -The Ken Hall Collection



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